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Soothico II is a tailored experience for both new and veteran modded Minecraft players, with mods such as Create, Roguelike Dungeons, Alex's Mobs, Farmer's Delight, Biomes you'll go, Tetra and many more, You'll find it hard to get bored.

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Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters 1.18 is an ARPG take on Minecraft. It has been described as a mixture between Diablo, World of Warcraft and Escape from Tarkov. The ultimate goal is to collect 25 artifacts to get access to the final vault, in order to face the fear of the world...

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Create Astral

The progression of Create: Astral finds you working up through 5+ chapters of quests packed to the brim with Create-themed processes and support for limitless automation. Explore the galaxies in search for more ways to expand your factory!

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All the mods 8

All The Mods 8 is a large kitchen-sink pack featuring mods from all facets of the Modded Minecraft sphere; technology, magic, building, farming, exploration and more! Achieve your wildest dreams and do the impossible with All the mods 8!

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